Stratis Morfogen is responsible for introducing the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and The Automat Experience to the people of New York

Stratis Morfogen, an entrepreneur and restaurant, provided individuals their first chance to have a meal without touching anyone in May 2021. After hearing what was said at the COVID conference, he, like many others, changed his mind. Morfogen got the concept for the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop from a dish at one of his famous Brooklyn Chop House restaurants in New York City. The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is a 24-hour fast-food restaurant that uses automated systems to serve clients swiftly. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is located in the West Village.

Despite the store’s name, the dumplings are anything but ordinary (Brooklyn Dumpling House). Each one is designed to resemble a mouthful from a different meal or cuisine from around the world. You can have a Bacon Cheeseburger, a Philly Cheese, a Reuben, a Chicken Parm, a Crispy Pork, or even a Peanut Butter and Jelly if you want something sweet. Here are a few examples of such artworks. Vegans and vegetarians can now choose from a variety of popular vegetarian options, such as the Impossible Burger. A new and fascinating supper option at the restaurant is called Brooklyn Chop Bowls. In these bowls, you can have steamed or fried chicken, shrimp, or even “chicken” made of tofu. The bowls are served with a variety of sauces, including Beijing, Kung Pao, Sweet and Sour, Buffalo Ranch, and the restaurant’s own Peanut Sauce.

Smart AutoFlow is a piece of technology that makes placing an order easier than ever

Go to the front counter of the business, where there is an electronic ordering system, and begin placing your order at the register. When your ticket is ejected, your food is prepared by a person, not a machine. An “automat” (similar to a Panasonic-powered warm food locker with ONDO technology) preserves your food at the proper temperature and cleans its packaging. Lunch or dinner will be delivered directly to your door if you open the vending machine door and wait a few minutes. The cherry on top is that you can make an order from your phone, scan a barcode to have it ready for pickup, and then go about your business.

A year ago, the corporation announced on its website that it would be constructing 19 new sites across the country. Our company has sold 250 franchises, and according to a recent interview with Morfogen, we are considering a contract for 100 more units in Dubai. We are distinct from other franchisees in that we establish and run the business entirely on our own. A community forum allows all of our members to communicate with one another, discuss ideas, and offer support to one another.

Stratis Morfogen intends to construct automated drive-thrus outside of New York City to improve the consumer experience. The East Village location in New York City is the first to provide a completely automated hospitality service that is standardised globally. While you wait for a Brooklyn Dumpling Shop to open in your neighbourhood, you can order from their extensive mail-order menu. Their dumplings will be available in Walmarts across the country by the end of the year.