5 EMI card Essentials you can check on the Bajaj Experia Portal

A Brief Overview

After reading this article you should have a thorough understanding of the basics of all that the Bajaj Experia Portal provides users with. Everything ranging from what the portal offers, how to sign into it, and the features it offers have been discussed below.

What is the Bajaj Experia Portal?

The Bajaj Experia portal offers customers like yourself a one-stop online platform that allows you to view, assess and manage each of your financial transactions that have occurred on your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card.

This portal allows you to avail of assistance should you need it with relation to a number of facilities and services on offer such that you can maximize the advantages your EMI card offers.

The Bajaj Experia portal can be accessed from anywhere and at any point in time.

All it requires is for you to visit the login section of the portal and sign in.

Signing Into the Bajaj Experia Portal

  1. You can sign into the Bajaj Customer Portal with the aid of your registered mobile number.
  2. You can sign into the Bajaj Customer Portal with the aid of your registered mobile email address.
  3. In case of either of these options, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number or email address.
  4. You must then select the ‘send OTP’ option on your screen and validate it.
  5. Bajaj EMI card login may also be done with the aid of your customer ID which requires you to use the password you have in place.
  6. This is possible by visiting the Bajaj Finserv login (for Experia) page.
  7. You are required to fill out your customer ID in addition to a registered mobile number or email address under the login option.
  8. Select the ‘I have a password’ option followed by the ‘Next’ button.
  9. Fill out your password such that you can see your account.
  10. Visit the ‘My Relations’ tab once you have successfully logged in such that you can view information pertaining to your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.

Troubleshooting Login ID and Password Woes

The moment your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card is met with approval, a login ID and password for the Bajaj customer portal is generated and sent to your registered mobile number.

Should you experience trouble while logging in, you can send an SMS to +91 92275 64444 with the word ‘EXPERIA’ via your registered number.

Bajaj Finserv login details pertaining to the Experia portal for customers will be sent to this registered number such that you can access your account.

Benefits of Using the Bajaj Customer Portal

This portal provides customers like yourself with an array of pertinent information ranging from loan details, your usage of your EMI card, dealer details, and so on.

By using the Experia portal, you can view and manage the following.

  •  Bajaj Finance EMI statement
  • EMI card’s expiry information
  • The spending limit on your EMI card.
  • Utilized limit on your No Cost EMI card.
  • Loans available on your EMI card.
  • The status of any active loans.
  • Paid-up EMIs.
  • Pending EMIs.
  • Details of dealers.
  • Details pertaining to down payments.
  • Any outstanding amount owed along with reminders for due dates.

Wrapping Up

By visiting the Bajaj Finserv Experia Customer Portal, you can manage any aspect pertaining to your no-cost EMI purchases from a single website alone.

A number of exclusive offers pertaining to this card along with benefits can be accessed as well.

Additionally, you can resolve any questions you might have pertaining to your card such as how to generate Bajaj EMI card pin.

Finserv MARKETS has a wide array of partners under its network that no-cost EMI cardholders and others can take advantage of.

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