A Brief Introduction to Six Water Treatment Plant Applications

Water treatment plants work as a facility where contaminated and wastewater gets treated to be reused. Different water plants use various techniques to purify polluted water. These include sedimentation, chlorination, filtration, and disinfection. Many typical water purification tools that come in handy in such plants may comprise water filters, sludge treatment equipment, oil-water separators, and screen equipment. 

Here is a brief description of the different applications of the water treatment plant.

  1. Wastewater Treatment 

Wastewater treatment involves removing physical, biological, radioactive, and chemical pollutants present in the wastewater. Sewage treatment and sludge treatment are the most frequent treatment processes that treat wastewater collected from various structures. Many reputable water plants facilitate commercial, residential, and industrial wastewater treatment to make them reusable. 

  • Surface Treatment 

The surface treatment uses a water plant to clean surface water for municipal use. This treatment removes colloidal matters, suspended impurities, and organic components from the surface water through treatment processes, such as disinfection, screening, aeration, and sand filtration. 

  • Containerized Plants

These water plants work best for remote areas where pollutant-free water is more like a luxury. Containerized water plants are also suitable for military or mining camps. It may also use a single unit arrangement to perform the water treatment procedure. 

  • Ozone-based Water Plants 

This kind of water treatment uses ozone to purify pool water – a proven disinfected for various microorganisms like cryptosporidium parasites and protozoan. Ozone-based water plants do not entail any chemicals used to clean contaminated water. 

  • Seawater Treatment Plants

As the name suggests, seawater treatment plants make the best way to treat saltwater with minerals. These plants allow only a few water treatment methods to clean the water, including vacuum freezing, desalination, and membrane separation. 

  • Mobile Water Treatment 

Many water filtration companies offer this treatment facility and follow the reverse osmosis process to perform the job. Mobile water treatment is usually suitable for small urban and rural areas. 

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