Call Handling: Tips to Handle a Difficult Situation

It is not a piece of cake when it comes to dealing with a difficult client or situation while handling a call. The call handling agent often has to face situations like this and it requires a great amount of patience and skills to handle the situation in a friendly and calm way. To diffuse the anger or the disappointment of the client there are a few tips and tricks to follow.

How to Deal With a Difficult Client/Situation?

3 out of 5 customers express satisfaction after a customer care call service, and unfortunately, the number of disappointed customers is quite high when compares to satisfied customers. The utmost important goal of the person handling the call is to satisfy the client and hang up the call on a positive note. To achieve this one needs to follow the steps to turn a disappointed client into a satisfactory and happy one. They are as follow:

1. Listen to the client

A good listener is one of the most important qualities of a call handler. When there is a disappointed or angry customer on call, one needs to ask them what is their problem and just listen to them explaining their problems without interrupting. Meanwhile, you take notes on what their issue is and help them out when they are done speaking.

2. Validate the caller

When a caller is angry and explaining their issues don’t try to clarify or justify the company policies instead just validate their issues and mention that you will help them out finding a solution to the problem.

3. Be pleasant 

If the client is angry, you should tackle the situation instead of showing your frustration. The tone of your voice should be pleasant and calm to make the client understand that you will find the solution to their problem.

4. Don’t put the caller on hold

In all possible cases, avoid holding back the client because that will only frustrate the client more. Try to find solutions while they are on the call.

5. No big promises

Don’t make those promises to the client that you can’t seem to keep. If you don’t have the solution to the problem then try to be honest and tell them that you’d be able to find the answers to their problem as soon as possible. 

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