Customise Your Individual Health Insurance Policy With These Benefits

Health insurance is not only important but a necessity in today’s day and age. The global pandemic took everyone by a storm but health insurance policy was a saviour amid these uncertain times. 

Moreover, the rising cost of healthcare facilities almost makes it a financial drain to avail medical treatment on your own account. This is when medical insurance saves the day. Apart from the financial confidence in times of distress, a health insurance policy helps tackle the ever-increasing medical inflation. Further, to combat the lifestyle diseases that are on a rise, a medical cover is necessary. A financial safety net along with protecting your savings is possible using a medical insurance cover. 

While there are various types of health insurance plans, an individual plan is a no-brainer choice for anyone who is just starting out or even at a later stage in life. Further, these individual policies can be customised to meet your requirements. Let us look at a few policy benefits that can be handy – 

Pre and Post-hospitalisation cover: Generally, health insurance plans provide coverage for hospitalisation only. But ensuring that your policy has pre as well a post-hospitalisation facility can aid you. This way any examination required including the diagnosis of your treatment is also covered by the insurer. Furthermore, not all treatments end as soon as you are discharged from the hospital. A post-hospitalisation cover ensures financial assistance for any medical expenses that are required in follow-up to your original hospitalisation. 

Day Care treatments: The pace at which medical technology is making progress, you do not require hospitalization for all treatments. Some treatments are just a day’s procedure. This is when daycare coverage is useful. Ensure that your policy includes coverage for these daycare procedures which are required for more common occurring ailments. 

Ambulance expenses: When you are already worried about the medical treatment and its cost, having to bear another burden of ambulance charges can be an additional burden on your finances. To avoid such hassles, make sure your policy includes ambulance charges to ease the already existing financial pressure of medical treatment.

Preventive health check-up: Many insurance companies offer a preventive health check-up facility. Using this benefit, any treatment that might be required can be ascertained at an early stage. Quicker actions can be taken to avail treatment. 

Cumulative bonus: Even if you have a health insurance cover, it isn’t every policy year you shall file a claim. So does your premium go waste? No, the insurance companies offer a cumulative bonus facility which can be either in the form of reduced future premiums or increase in sum assured for the same premium. 

Daily cash benefit: Apart from the hospitalisation expenses, there are other expenses like the cost of medicines. This feature under your individual insurance plan ensures any loss of income, unexpected hospital bills can be paid using the daily cash benefit. There is a capping on how much and for how many days this benefit is paid which differs among insurance companies. 

When you compare the myriad available plans, make sure to use a health insurance premium calculator. This nifty tool not only aids the comparison process, but also helps to keep your premium in check. Thus, take your time to research and pick a policy that checks all the right boxes. Stay safe, stay insured!