Few Driving Safety Tips When Schools are in Session

As students board school buses, other children on bikes rush to get to school before the bell rings, and hurried parents try to drop off their children before work, the start of the school year can cause congestion.

In situations where children are present, especially before and after school, it is always crucial for drivers to slow down and pay attention.

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The following are a few safety tips that all drivers must observe, whenever driving school vehicles.

Driving Safety Tips

A few important tips that all drivers must be followed when school is in session:

  • Maintain a strong grip with both hands on the steering wheel. 
  • Do not send any text messages or use your mobile phone
  • Do not put on makeup
  • Ensure you leave early
  • Obey traffic laws
  • Do not run red lights
  • Never pass over any solid lines on the road
  • Never pass on the shoulder
  • Pedestrians have always got the first right of way
  • Do not cut in front of any other driver when they are turning
  • Stay alert

Seat belts

Driving safety advice for when school is in session should start before you back your car out of the driveway. Ensure that everyone has their seatbelts on correctly.


Children should always wear bicycle helmets when riding their bikes to or from school. A bicycle helmet can prevent serious harm or perhaps save a child’s life.

Pay Attention

Be on the lookout for kids darting into the street or riding their bicycles when you are in areas where there are many kids walking to school.

Watch for signs that will indicate school is in session.

Keep an eye out for crossing guards carrying signs indicating that you must stop and wait for all pedestrians to cross the street before proceeding.

Watch for Buses Unloading Children

Keep an eye out for school buses that are dropping off or picking up students in front of homes or buildings. You must completely stop when a bus moves to the side of the road or even stops in the middle of the street. 

Slow down

The slowdown is one of the most crucial driving safety advices when classes are in session. Never drive fast near or in a school. In neighbourhoods and anywhere kids are walking to school, go more slowly. 

Dropping off kids

Parents can drop off or pick up their children at several schools by pulling up to the curb. It is crucial to use the designated drop-off location and abide by all school regulations in this space.

If you are unable to use the drop-off spot, you should get out of your car and carefully walk your child to the school’s front walkway. Do not allow your child to run erratically through the parking lot on their own. 

There may be limitations on how long you can stay in your car at the drop-off location. Do not leave your automobile parked in the drop-off area.

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