Four Simple Ways for How You Can Discourage House Break-ins

Did you know amateurs are involved in most house break-ins? While it is difficult to protect your property from professional thieves, you can still protect your house by employing some simple tips. 

  1. Identify Flaws in Your Security Systems

You might have never noticed flaws in the security systems installed in your house yet. View your property from a burglar’s point of view and explore all the available security systems to discover potential weaknesses. If you find any faults in a security alarm or other devices, get it fixed without delay. Make sure to tell your neighbors that you have repaired all your security systems so that they do not ignore if an alarm rings. 

  • Give Your House an Occupied Appearance

An empty or unoccupied property can be an easy target of professional and non-professional burglars. It means your property shouldn’t appear unoccupied even if you are not home. For this, you can use timers for switching radios and lights on and off, giving your property an attended appearance.  

  • Keep Your Property Locked

Make sure to lock up your property even if you are leaving for a short time. Many thieves walk in through unlocked windows and doors. You may also want to change all tumblers and locks in your house, especially if you have moved into a new place. 

  • Look for High-quality Locks & Security Systems

Some homeowners choose spring-latch locks for their properties. This type of lock tends to be easy prey for intruders who can slip a plastic credit card against the latch tongue to unlock the door. Consider buying deadbolt door locks that can defy such attacks and are only vulnerable if the door and its frame have enough space to allow a burglar to use a hacksaw or other power tools to break the lock. 

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