How to get more Instagram followers by applying these 5 secret techniques

The social media driven world, Instagram followers are the new currency. From influencer sponsorships to brand partnerships, a large Instagram following signifies social proof and authority.  But gaining real, engaged followers is easier said than done. This is why many users and brands turn to services that offer instant Instagram followers for purchase. Buying followers has become a controversial practice – but when done correctly and ethically, it can give your account the initial boost it needs to start gaining momentum. Here are 5 techniques to improve buying followers on Instagram and use it to your advantage:

1. Choose the right provider

There are many shady options out there that use fake accounts and bots, which can actually end up hurting your engagement rate and get you banned. Thoroughly research potential providers and read reviews before purchasing. Look for the following hallmarks of a quality service:

  1. Realistic followers – The followers should have complete, authentic-looking profiles with posts, bios, profile pictures, etc. Fake or bot accounts are easy to spot.
  2. Gradual follower growth – Followers should trickle in at an organic pace, not flood your account all at once. This avoids triggering Instagram’s spam detection.
  3. Reasonable prices – Buying followers shouldn’t break the bank. Watch out for sites that seem too cheap to be true.
  4. Refund/replacement policy – In case any followers drop off later, there should be a guarantee.

2. Start small

When you’re new to Famoid’s Instagram followers, don’t jump into the deep end right away. Start with smaller orders of 100 or 500 followers and monitor your account’s response. Pay attention to your engagement metrics before, during, and after the order to check for any red flags. Gradually increasing your orders over time better mimic’s natural growth patterns and gives you time to course correct if needed. You want to build up your purchased foundation base slowly so that it supports – not overwhelms – your organic growth.

3. Maintain real engagement

While purchased followers can quickly inflate your numbers, remember that engagement from real users is still vital. Take the time to engage with your existing followers, post quality content consistently, run contests, utilize hashtags, collaborate with others, and participate in engagement pods.  These real connections with actual users helps balance out the follower count and convince the Instagram algorithm that your account is legitimate. Prioritize engagement over vanity metrics. Don’t rely on buying followers alone.

4. Maximize your Instagram bio

One spot that is often overlooked when buying followers is your Instagram bio. Since it’s one of the first things new followers see, you want it to make a stellar first impression.

  • List your most important offerings and value propositions for your brand or account.
  • Add relevant hashtags that followers can easily find you under.
  • Use creative emojis to catch the eye.
  • Feature special discount codes or promotions to incentivize new followers.

5. Analyze and listen to feedback

The final technique for making the most of buying Instagram followers is to closely analyze the data and listen to feedback. Keep close tabs on key metrics like follower growth rate, likes, comments, views, unfollows etc. Look for patterns or anomalies.  Also pay attention to what real followers are saying about your content and brand. Conduct surveys on how you can improve. This market research will help you make informed decisions about your follower purchasing strategy and avoid common pitfalls.