Simple hacks to improve your in-store experience

As consumers spend more and more of their time and money online, it’s becoming even tougher for retailers to survive. Nowadays, the only real way to stand out from the crowd is to offer a first-class in-store experience, offering consumers something they’d be unable to find anywhere else. Below, we’ve put together some simple strategies to help you achieve that…

Invest in staff training

Perhaps one of the best ways to improve your in-store experience is to invest in your retail staff and ensure they’re trained to the highest standards. A good cashier can make or break a shopping trip, giving consumers a reason to recommend your business and come back time and time again. Cosmetics brand Lush does this well, encouraging staff to be friendly and accommodating to customers’ needs – follow their example and you’ll be onto a winner.

Don’t neglect your premises

With rising costs, it’s so easy to cut your premises budget and spend less on cleaning and security as you look to streamline and increase profitability. But you cannot neglect your store – if you’re not offering customers a clean, safe, modern environment, they won’t stick around, so work with a facilities management company who can deliver such services in the most cost-effective manner. This is an area you cannot cut corners on, especially in 2021!

Integrate technology

You might be fighting eCommerce, but instead, you should embrace it. Integrate technology into your store, with screens showing your latest products and offers, as well as access to your social media channels. Some companies even invest in photo booths where customers can take selfies wearing clothes and accessories to share on social media, building your brand online and helping you differentiate from competitors. It’s a worthwhile investment. 

Ask for feedback

The number one way to improve your shopping experience is to give customers a chance to have their say. If you don’t know what they like and dislike, how can you make progress and become their number-one shopping destination? Ask customers to fill out a form online or get staff to conduct in-store surveys from time to time to gather feedback on the way you run things; the results might just surprise you, and help you make some meaningful decisions.

Copy your competitors

Finally, don’t be afraid to copy your competitors. If it’s working for them, it’ll probably work for you. We recommend the skyscraper technique; take something that works elsewhere and think of ways you can elevate that experience even further. An all-bells, all-whistles store experience can separate your business from the rest and ensure you drive sales every day.

Do you have any other strategies? Please let us know in the comments section below.