The 5 Best Door Locks of 2021

These days smart locks are preferred by people than conventional locks. Smart locks open the doors to flexible options that traditional door locks cannot do. Smart locks shall not just enhance your security but also offer smart features such as notifications, guests entry, and virtual keys so that people can enter your home when you are not available. Due to these reasons, you should buy the best locks and ensure it is a perfect fit. Some of the best Door Locks of 2021 are stated below as follows:

  1. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

It features in the list of best smart locks of 2021. It is a trustworthy lock that is very much versatile and customizable. This lock provides you with the opportunity to lock as well as unlock the house doors easily with a Bluetooth system. This lock offers a combination of 30 smart codes, which can you share with various family members. The smart code is a combination of 4 digits. This lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google home assistant for voice commands. The lock ensures convenience and safety along with its working mechanism. 

  1. August Smart Lock Pro

The August Smart Lock Pro is an unadulterated and genuine lock. It has the size of a small deadbolt and provides a great deal as far as assurance and usefulness are concerned. It works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri where you can control access with a smart gadget or voice from any place. 

  1. Kwikset Smartcode

Kwikset SmartCode is a great method to add smart security. This lock works with a conventional keycode or a great key, which opens the jolt after it remains in the vicinity. It works with all standard entry gates. The lock is durable, affordable, and well-designed. It works with all advanced connectivities. 

  1. Yale Assure Lock

This lock has one of the slimmest touchscreens. It implies that you have a complete advantage of the electronic access code that you might overlook. It works with a lot of Z-Wave items. It is well-designed and there is no physical button. 

  1. PIN Genie Bluetooth Entry Lock

Using this key, you can open/bolt the entryway from a telephone regardless of where you are located. This lock can recollect eight stick codes including permanent codes along with a lapse date. 

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