Where do you start learning digital marketing in 2022?

We often hear this question. After all, there are so many subjects within digital marketing. It is common for a beginner to be a little lost on where to start studying. There are so many videos, so many e-books, so many articles, and so many PDF files that it is hard to find a direction. One way to speed up your learning process is to take introductory Digital Marketing Courses in Pune. It must be structured and organized. Another tip is to keep an eye on the Live Courses with free transmission.

Free courses

There are many free courses available out there. We have selected a few that can help you leverage your skills and knowledge.

  • Digital Marketing Course for Beginners
  • Basic SEO Course
  • Basic Word Press Course
  • Ecommerce Course for Beginners
  • Digital Marketing Course for Entrepreneurs
  • Course How to win clients for your Agency

How can I learn digital marketing?

There are many ways to learn digital marketing. The most important thing is to understand that studying constantly should be part of the life of any digital marketer. We recommend you joining the best Digital marketing courses in pune with placement.

Do I need to know English?

No. Nevertheless, if you do not speak English, we recommend you start studying now. The best events, courses and articles are usually in English. Google Translate solves it. Not always does it help. Often you want to take an excellent foreign course, but you do not have dubbing or subtitles.

Lectures and Webinars

Participating in online lectures (webinars) or in person is an excellent way to absorb new knowledge. Many online lectures open spaces to answer questions and interact with the speaker, enjoy. Most of these lectures are available free.

Social media

Following people and companies that are references in the field of digital marketing can help you learn. By consuming new content on the subject daily, you naturally reinforce what you have already learned, and, at the same time, you meet new ideas, insights, strategies and tools.

Rich and Didactic Materials

Another way to learn digital marketing is by consulting rich materials such as e-books, case studies, whitepapers, info-graphics and research on the field. There is currently a lot of free quality content in these formats that can help you evolve in study and learning. However, be careful. Take a good look at the sources that produce such materials, because unfortunately, there is also a lot of bad content being made available “anyway” just to capture your contact information.


Exchanging experiences and talking with other professionals is undoubtedly enriching. Networking can be in person at events or can even start on social media. Do not be ashamed. Meet new people on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like.

If you are at an event, use the official hash tag of the event in your posts, keep an eye on the stream of that hash tag and interact with other people: like, re-tweet, mention, reply and start new online relationships that can go offline in the future. If you like to print books or e-books, you will find a huge range of books on digital marketing.

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