KWFinder, as the word suggests, means Key Word Finder.

It is a keyword research tool for search marketing. It assists with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It helps to create a simple list of keywords based on the volume. When you submit the keywords, it indicates the trends, searches, Pay per click (PPC), Cost per click (CPC) and helps you locate difficulty with your search traffic.

It is a powerful tool that helps you with SEO and paid search. 

Where can it be used?

It can be used for small businesses to large businesses, as they offer various plans depending upon the size, requirement and utilization.

It can be used in organizations that are struggling with website traffic. They can find out what keywords are effective for them and function accordingly.

It can be used in any organization with a digital platform and depends on SEO, advertising and marketing.

Anyone can operate the KWFinder reviews application as it has a user-friendly customer interface. Hence you do not need to dive into the technicalities and spend more.

In my view, the KWFinder application is an effective keyword finder at a pock friendly price. It has significant benefits as it helps clear the website traffic and tracks down the keyword difficulty. It is simple to handle; hence every business, big or small, should try implementing the KWFinder application to improve their business and quality of service.

How does it work?

Search by keyword: It means you should start your research by looking for the keyword about which you will at least have a basic knowledge. For example, if you are running a cake shop, then the basic keyword for your research is cake.

Type your keyword in the search keyword tab and click on find keyword. You will see a list of related keywords.

The related keywords are further divided into three sections :

1. Related

2. Autocomplete

3. Questions 

The first one is suggestive type, while the rest two are based on the algorithm of the gathered data.

2. Search by domain :

Kwfinder pricing allows you to search your competitors’ keywords. For this, you need to enter your competitor’s URL or domain address on the tab, select location and press the green arrow on the screen. You can see the list of keywords related to your competitor’s keyword.

There are further two options organic keywords and paid keywords.

Organic: organic keywords are those which appear in the organic search results.

Paid: Paid keywords are those which appear in the google ads search result.

The KWFinder application also help you to locate various feature of the keyword, such as 

Trend: It indicates the keyword trend through visuals such as graphs.

CPC: The estimated cost you would pay per click on a particular keyword.

PPC: it is a paid search index ranging from 1 to 100, indicating how much outcome is likely from the search traffic.

KD: keyword difficulty, as the name suggests, helps you allocate the difficulty to rank a keyword.

Pricing model :

It has three different models 

1. Basic:

The basic plan can use for small projects which have a tight budget for business websites. It can track 200 keywords daily and give 200 keyword suggestions.

2. Premium :

The premium plan has extra features and can track 700 keywords daily and give 700 keyword suggestions.

3. Agency :

This is the most expensive plan compared to others, but it offers a lot more updates, plus you get 40 per cent off if you subscribe to a yearly plan. You can track 1500 keywords and get 700 keyword suggestions.

They also provide a 10-day free trial, so you can choose what suits youth best.

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