What are the study materials of special education teacher courses?

Demand for Special Education Teachers Is Booming


Children with disabilities fall into one of the most discriminated and vulnerable groups in the world. Children with special needs get restrained from education, which is concerning because it is considered a basic right for every individual regardless of their background.

Special education teachers’ courses succeed to look at this issue with intense efforts and attempts. Their hard work and sincerity is something that heavily impacts the future of students. These courses enable the teachers to empower and assist as supporters for students with special needs. 

The Faculty Development Programme for teachers is a comprehensive special education teacher course for students with certain disabilities. 

The intentions are to strengthen skills as well as academic knowledge to thereby make teachers technically sound, something that is highly in demand in the pandemic-driven world. This development programme helps teachers to cross the obstacles in education and thrives for a better future for themselves and their students.

The Faculty Development Programme for teachers is also responsible to enhance the academic world by encouraging the teachers and faculty members to actively participate in seminars, workshops and also online conferences for that matter.


The goal of special education teacher courses is to promote children with disabilities and special needs and to provide new opportunities and learning techniques, thereby, aiming to improve their quality and standard of living. It strengthens a substantial value to our society as a whole, particularly to the students with special needs. They are restrained from feeling disregarded and disconnected from the rest of the world. The children attain knowledge, help and assistance from a skilled and experienced educator, with a professional degree in the same and move smoothly on their voyage of education. 

Special education teacher course is a vital component of the faculty development programme for teachers. Hence, they leave an optimistic influence on the lives and psychological development of children they take care of.

Education is not simply coagulation of basic instructions from the fours walls of a classroom. It is much more than that. It encompasses interactive tours and training which allows all the students to have balanced opportunities. 


Study material, doubtlessly, is an integral part when it comes to enhancing your skills in any field. Teaching, being highly academic and dynamic in fashion, is a skill that demands extensive study material. One needs to excel in the qualities of being hardworking and insightful because certainly, the competition is unimaginable. Special education teacher courses offer a spectrum of study material. 

  1. Handbook of Special Education By James M. Kaufman – This book brings greater clarity to the field of special education. The reader will observe a perfect consistency of content in this book which targets strengths, weaknesses, implications to practice and do future research. 
  2. Educating Exceptional Children: An Introduction To Special Education By Mangal S.K. – This book has a target audience of undergraduate, postgraduate, as well as diploma students for special education. It provides a comforting base to understand Special Education, at a beginner level and has proved to be extremely beneficial for students and professionals. 
  3. Special Education By Dr Agya Jit Singh – This book is inclusive of needs and the importance of special education as an academic discipline. It encompasses trends in Special Education, children with Autism disorder, teaching students with mental retardation and so on. It has roughly around 219 pages and it was published on 1st January 2018. 
  4. Disability Studies and the Inclusive Classroom by Susan Baglieri – It is a fundamental textbook which integrates practice from the fields of disability and special education.


To sum up, the study material for special education teacher courses include books like Handbook of Special Education, Education Exceptional Children, Special Education, Disability Studies and Inclusive Classroom and many more. 

These materials help teachers for a lifetime of learning in their careers. It enhances their confidence, especially those who are new to this discipline. 

Another benefit of these textbooks is the fact that it provides them with proper revised training and knowledge, especially of the traditional kind.

Considering these study materials is highly essential for a teacher working in the field of special education as it allows them to upskill themselves and increase the chances of their detours in this field. It also encourages curiosity among learners. This way, children with disabilities can have a better and brighter future, something that they have always been deprived of.

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