Smart Business Taxes for You

Have you worked or received benefits in the past year? Then you have paid tax on your income. Usually this is automatically withheld from your benefits or wages by the benefits agency or your employer. This amount is often higher than what you should actually pay and you can therefore get a part back. There are also special situations that ensure that you can still get a refund from the tax. This depends on your situation.

In this article we will discuss the most important factors that come into play when calculating the amount that you can get back. The small business taxes are there now.

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In Which Situations Can You Get A Refund From The Tax Authorities?

In some of the situations below, you can get a refund from the tax authorities. This can even be done retroactively to years after the end of a year. The following questions are important whether or not you get a refund:

  • Do you go to school and also work?
  • Do you work full-time for part of the year?
  • Do you have a business or are you self-employed?
  • Do you have different jobs?

Factors For Tax Refund Calculation

There are several factors that the tax authorities look into when calculating the tax refund. We discuss the most important eight factors below.

Year Of Declaration And Your Age

The first thing the tax authorities want to know is which year you want to file a tax return. This is therefore still possible up to years after the end of a year, so if you have forgotten to reclaim your tax in recent years, this is still possible.

In addition, you indicate whether you were 30 years or younger in the year for which you want to file a declaration and whether you were pupil or student in that year. This is important because if you are older than 30 years of age or were in the year for which you want to file a tax return, you have to fill in the extensive tax return program, our calculation tool is only for pupils and students.

Are You Entitled To Wajong Benefit?

Were you not entitled to a benefit in the year for which you want to report? Then you can continue filling in. Please note, if you have not received a benefit but are entitled to it, you unfortunately cannot use our calculation tool to calculate your refund. This can be done via the website of the tax authorities, but can be complicated. So ask for help in completing this.