Your Ecommerce Website: Your Delivery Strategy Is Crucial

Several elements must come together to form a successful strategy for your eCommerce website. This strategy begins to take shape even before a customer visits the site. While marketing and advertising strategies are generally given much attention, the delivery strategy is often an area overlooked by many online retailers.

Here are a few reasons why an excellent eCommerce delivery strategy is crucial:

  • Customers love choices

Customers want the flexibility of selecting their delivery options. Offering them a single, pricy delivery option can irk the customers. This is especially true when they do not have a pressing need for the product or are looking to minimize their costs.

It is, therefore, essential todecide what delivery options you are willing to provide and present it as clearly as possible on your eCommerce website.  

The most common delivery options offered apart from premium delivery are as follows:

  1. Free shipping- As the name suggests, there are no delivery charges included. This option is also a great marketing tool as it drives sales. However, you must proceed with caution as the cost of covering the shipping cost may not equal the benefits.
  2. Flat-rate shipping- Under this option, one rate is applicable on all orders. As a result, the size, weight, and value of the item do not affect the shipping cost. As you can dictate the flat rate, you can charge something that covers the shipping and packaging cost.
  3. Table rate shipping- This type of delivery option allows businesses to customize their charges. They can charge a rate based on the delivery location, weight, size, and the quantity of product ordered.
  • Customers love transparency

It is essential to display all details related to shipping costs and delivery time and the product listing. If this is not possible, provide a link to the delivery details of the product.

It is unwise to conceal such information when the customers are checking out the product. Hitting them with an unexpected add-on just as they are about to check out can make them abandon the cart altogether.

Thus, your delivery strategy can either make your customer complete the order or leave it. It is also a good idea to communicate your order fulfillment and return policies. If you wish to offer free shipping or other discounts, display that information prominently on your website. 

  • Customers love reassurance

Besides knowing the delivery options and associated costs, shoppers also wish to know where their purchased products are. Hence, it would be best if you kept them in the loop about the status of their order. This not only reassures the customers but also helps you to differentiate your eCommerce website from others.

Providing details about the delivery process through automated email notification and sharing the tracking information are ways you can gain leverage from the after-checkout experience.


A good delivery strategy is imperative for turning visitors into customers. Therefore never undermine its power. If you find it challenging to come up with one on your own, engage the services of a professional eCommerce agency. Their expertise and results will most definitely justify their costs.