What is the CVV number in credit cards?

If you have been putting your aspirations on the back burner due to the absence of adequate funds, you probably do not know what is a credit card. It is a convenient financial tool that allows you to make purchases even when you may not have a lot of savings in your bank account.

A credit card works on the principle of borrowed credit, which can easily be repaid later through convenient budget-friendly EMIs or in lump-sum at the time of billing. Finserv MARKETS has partnered with leading financial institutions to bring you both free and paid credit cards to suit all your needs. However, you should know a few things before you begin using a credit card.

Credit card CVV

Now that you know what is a credit card, let us understand how to make a purchase using your card. When you buy a product online and make a payment using a credit card, you need to enter a few details for validation purposes. These include your name, credit card number, date of expiry and CVV.

All of these apart from the CVV can be saved by the merchant’s database. This means that you need to enter your credit card CVV every time you make an online purchase. It is only after you validate your details along with the CVV, that the purchase request is processed.

What is the meaning of CVV?

CVV stands for Card verification value. It is a three-digit number assigned to each credit card. Each card has a unique CVV to distinguish it from others. This means that the CVV of your credit card will be different from any other. This is done to protect your financial information online as well as guard against cyber frauds which have become quite rampant in the last few years. CVV adds a layer of protection and allows you to make secure transactions online since it is only accessible to the cardholder.

Locating CVV

Now that you know what is the meaning of CVV, you should also know where to find it on the credit card. Remember credit card number and CVV are two different numerical values. Unlike credit card numbers which are printed on the front of your Mastercard or Visa credit card, CVV is printed on the back of most cards, except for American Express.


Apart from knowing what is a credit card and what is the meaning of CVV, it is also important that you keep your CVV confidential and monitor your transactions for any suspicious activity. You can then utilize your credit card to get discounts on travel, online shopping, fuel purchase as well as get benefits and reward points that can be redeemed for movie tickets and gift vouchers.

Finserv MARKETS offers you a plethora of credit cards as per your requirements to help you save more every time you spend your money. Not only this, avail personal loans, withdraw cash at zero interest and convert expensive purchases into manageable EMIs with a click!

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